The Arbor Advisor | February 2021

Lots of Love This Month! We had a great first month of the year. With some fun movie nights and yummy popcorn, we’ve kicked this year off right. Our New Years’ celebrations were quite wonderful as well. Thank you all for joining in on the festivities! Our vaccination rollout has been [...]

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The Arbor Advisor | January 2021

Ring In The New Year!!! Happy New Year!! Goodbye 2020! We had a wonderful Christmas and holiday celebration. Thank you all for bringing joy and cheer to our holiday and respecting how we had to change things up a bit. We want to thank you for your patience and commitment to [...]

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The Arbor Advisor | December 2020

It's All About The Journey We are so thankful for everyone who made our Thanksgiving special this year. We know it was difficult with our restrictions, but our family here at Arbor has never been stronger. There was still some fun to be had and some good food to be shared [...]

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The Arbor Advisor | November 2020

That's Quite A Pump-Cat!!! Wow, October was fun! We had a scary good Halloween with all of our community members! Everyone dressed up and was a good sport about our social distancing for the holiday. Halloween wasn’t the only big event we had. Our Annual Art Show was a great success, [...]

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The Arbor Advisor | October 2020

Happy Labor Day! September seemed to fly by. We have all been working so hard to keep our community safe and healthy. We thank you all again for your engagement and courage to keep trudging through this challenging time. Labor Day was quite wonderful though - celebrating those who are the [...]

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The Arbor Advisor | September 2020

Building New Homes For Some New Friends It is so exciting we were able to see our friends and family again! Our outdoor visits created a wonderful opportunity to finally see some of those close to us. However, we've had to pause the outdoor visits for now. We were grateful for [...]

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The Arbor Advisor | August 2020

Enjoying Our Summer Here at Arbor Springs Hard to believe summer is almost over! We have been busy the last few weeks and hardly noticed that it is coming to an end. Our garden is doing famously! Read further in the newsletter to see just how great things are going with [...]

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The Arbor Advisor | June 2020

Thank You To All Our Heroes! We would like to thank everyone for their support and cooperation as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with our challenges, we still had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating with all our mothers and friends! Some wonderful Cub Scouts decorated our front [...]

The Arbor Advisor | June 20202020-06-08T21:22:58+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | May 2020

We Love Our Arbor Springs Family! While we are still adapting to this new normal every day, we are always finding ways to enjoy our time together and connect as usual. This month we celebrated Easter as well as continued to pass the time while remaining safe and healthy. Also, we [...]

The Arbor Advisor | May 20202020-05-01T21:05:52+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | April 2020

We Are All In This Together March brought with it many challenges. We would like to thank everyone for helping with our restricted activities and all the precautions we are taking. But we are all staying positive and would like to use this platform for continuing our outreach and coordination around [...]

The Arbor Advisor | April 20202020-04-03T17:40:22+00:00