Well, summer is winding down, but we’ve still got a month to go!  We did have some welcomed rain as the season comes to a close, though. And our gardens loved the weather even more than we did…especially our tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

We’ve also been keeping cool by bringing our Lemonade Stand indoors and by chilling with some furry friends. We were extra delighted to play with Mia this month, overjoyed to welcome Bea to her new furever home here at Arbor, and we even rescued a little rabbit friend. Check out the photos of these cute furballs throughout the newsletter.

While we are getting ready for the fall, summer isn’t over quite yet. So please remember to mind the weather. Always have the appropriate clothes and items needed for the heat or the cold, depending…or both, given how weird our weather can get.

Happy Birthday to Our Residents!

Tom W. – September 8th Eldon – September 30th
Scott – September 11th

Staff Birthdays!

Lucretia – September 3rd Charlotte – September 19th
Marvin – September 6th Astrid – September 21th
Flo – September 15th Feliza – September 21th
Janely – September 17th Joyce – September 27th
Evelyn – September 17th  

Work Anniversaries!!

Dzenana (6 yrs) Sept 1st Grace (4 yrs) Sept 20th
Nyima (2 yrs) Sept 2nd  Jen B. (2 yrs) Sept 24th
George (1 yr) Sept 13th  Martin (3 yrs) Sept 24th
Felecia (1 yr) Sept 14th  Jennifer P. (3 yrs) Sept 26th
Facia (2 yrs) Sept 15th Lisa (1 yr) Sept 30th

“September tries its best to have us forget summer.”
– Bernard Williams

Adopt A New Friend

We foster cats through the Hope Animal Rescue.

Please visit the Hope Animal Rescue website for more info.

What’s Going On With Us?

We officially adopted Bea the cat. She loves it here and the residents really love her.

Darci’s son married the love of his life in August! Congratulations Jesse and Jasmine!

Camryn had her baby, Izaiah! They are doing well!

We rescued a baby bunny! Philipa loved holding him ☺

Just celebrated Marie-Therese’s 14th year here at Arbor! Congrats Marie-Therese!

What We’re Doing

One more month of Summer! And there is still so much left to do, and we always find the best ways to have fun at our community! So be sure to stay tuned for all kinds of activities this month. We’re going to have a blast together…like we always do!

Resident Engagement Highlights:

  • Music & Massage in Maple
  • Collage Making in the Café
  • Nature Walk on Brookview Trail
  • Piano Music in Aspen
  • Fall Craft in Aspen/Birch
  • Fall Craft in Dogwood/Evergreen
  • Scenic Drive
  • Piano Music in Evergreen
  • Baking Pumpkin Bars in the Café
  • Football Tailgate in the Café
  • Reminisce with Betsy from the West Des Moines Public Library

We put new whiteboards in each neighborhood for the benefit of residents, family, and staff.

We made this upgrade so that everyone can see meal times, menu, activities, weather etc.! CNAs can work together with residents to organize their neighborhood each day.


What We’ve Been Up To!