Hope Animal Rescue Cat Foster Site

Arbor Springs is a foster site for cats that are up for adoption!

Since the Fall of 2016, Arbor Springs has partnered with Hope Animal Rescue of Iowa and Valley High School Transition Team to bring foster cats to Arbor Springs. Additionally, a local carpenter designed and built a mobile cat condo that can be wheeled around Arbor Springs. As a result of this collaborative effort, our residents are not only able to enjoy the social interaction with the students, but also the comfort and entertainment of the cats!

“When Dr. Underfer, Transition Coordinator at Valley High School, came to me with the idea of not only having cats in our community 24/7, but also having students here daily during school, I was instantly on board. The joy these cats bring to our residents, their families, and our staff everyday has been absolutely amazing to see. Having students visit regularly with our residents has been a great benefit socially, as many of our residents have grandchildren or great-grandchildren around the same age. I really can’t imagine Arbor Springs without these cats or these students, as they have made such a positive impact on the quality of life for our residents.” – Katie Parker, Program Director at Arbor Springs

Laughter, enthusiasm and compassion, that is what I have experienced when visiting the facility while watching the interaction between the residents, staff, students, and their furry fosters.” –Cynthia Niebuhr, Sped PD/CF at Valley High School

“All of the cats Hope has sent over to foster are complete individuals and give real life to the facility.” –Julie Erickson, Transition Job Coach at Valley High School

“The cats look forward to seeing us every day. They often wait right inside the wing door for us to arrive.” Sadie, Gabe. and Roshni (student participants)

“The kitties like to rub their noses on my cheek.” – Sadie (student)

“Sometimes the cats will sit on the inside and watch through the glass as its being cleaned.”–Gabe (student)