Our July was full of fantastic summer vibes, so many exciting outings, and beautiful flowers! We were lucky enough to take trips to Blank Park Zoo and see our favorite animals. And once again, visit the beautiful Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden!

But we didn’t have to go all that way to experience some beautiful foliage. The Flower Ladies helped decorate our wonderful community! Thank you so much to them and everyone involved in making Arbor Spring just a little more inviting.

And as always, we worked hard every day to engage with our community and enjoy our Montessori activities. It’s so fun doing meaningful activities and joining in with everyone to have a good time. And at the end of the day, we love soaking up the sun outside with our friends and family. Looking forward to more great times in August!

Happy Birthday to Our Residents!

Walt – August 3rd Jeannie – August 11th
Sharon – August 5th Arlan – August 12th
Ken – August 9th Tim – August 17th

Staff Birthdays!

Stella O. – August 1st Nyima – August 18th
Mickenzie – August 5th Eva – August 18th
Steve – August 10th Silvia – August 25th
Veronica – August 12th Enisa – August 30th
Scott – August 16th  

“In summer, the song sings itself.”

– William Carlos Williams

Adopt A New Friend

We foster cats through the Hope Animal Rescue.

Please visit the Hope Animal Rescue website for more info.

What’s Going On With Us?

Lisa got a new puppy named Callie!

Devin just got married!

Rejoice is closing on her first house!

Silvia is moving to Minneapolis to start a new job as a College & Career Readiness Coach with Minnesota Alliance with Youth & Big Brother Big Sister!

Eva’s family got a dog! Here is Maeve with her new puppy Ani.

Prince just returned from a trip to Liberia to visit family!

What We’re Doing

We got a lot of great activities in store for you this August. So be sure to look and plan on getting outside to enjoy the summer sun. It’ll be gone before you know it. Check back as there are always changes, but below are some activities to get truly excited about!

Resident Engagement Highlights:

  • Sip & Paint in the Café
  • Watermelon Social in Maple Courtyard
  • Cookie Crumb Cart in Neighborhoods
  • Scenic Drive Around Des Moines
  • Kool-Aid Tour in the Café
  • Sing Along in Neighborhoods
  • Guided Meditation in the Café
  • Bill Connett Performance
  • Movie ‘Night’ in the Café
  • Golfing in Maple
  • Picnic at Brookview Park

We are grateful for Tom our wonderful volunteer. He dedicates many hours of his own time to bring joy to our residents. Two of Tom’s own children have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Giving back helps him find balance in his own life. Be sure to say hi to him when you see him in the neighborhoods!


What We’ve Been Up To!