June is a very special month for our community! This month, we come together to commemorate Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. We’ve been busy these last few weeks, so we’d like to remind you just how important Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is to us.

There are so many ways you can get involved. So while it’s always good to look at what groups like the Alzheimer’s Association are doing, remember to involve yourself with us here in the community. Together we make great strides every day in our fight against Alzheimer’s.

Read on to see a special story this month about what we do every day that makes Arbor Springs so unique. Also, remember that while Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is a major focus, we still have a lot of other fun stuff going on in June!

Happy Birthday to Our Residents!

Dorothy – June 2th  Nella – June 24th
Catherine – June 6th Ray – June 24th
Bettie C. – June 7th

Staff Birthdays!

Onekenki – June 1st Juliet – June 10th
Mirian – June 4th Saneta – June 13th
Beth – June 8th Nick – June 14th
Felecia – June 8th Tina – June 16th
Martin – June 9th Gilmar – June 20th
Ashley – June 9th Rejoice – June 20th
Camryn – June 10th Jacqueline – June 25th

“We are stronger, gentler, more resilient, and more beautiful than any of us imagine.”

– Mark Nepo

Adopt A New Friend

We foster cats through the Hope Animal Rescue.

Please visit the Hope Animal Rescue website for more info.

Montessori-Inspired Living

Folding is great for resident engagement. Successful teamwork is demonstrated by motivated staff.

Residents are joyful to see the housekeeper, come to give hugs, and begin to fold laundry together.

“I do it because I’m a hard worker, and I want to go above and beyond. To see these ladies’ faces makes it worth it. It makes them so happy to help us do laundry.”

– Brittany, Housekeeping

This is Brittany finishing a load of laundry.

Housekeeping goes above and beyond by delivering the unfolded laundry to the neighborhood every day after breakfast.

Rejoice is an Aspen CNA. She says hello to housekeeping and notifies the residents that laundry has arrived.

“It’s something that motivates the residents. They love it, and I love to see them feeling accomplished throughout the day. Whenever a resident wishes to help, I make it accessible and provide the supplies.”

– Rejoice, CNA

“I admire this work because it is simple and beautiful. Staff is self-motivated to make connections and be successful. The connection between housekeeping, CNA’s and residents is obvious and direct. These individuals recognize what is win-win for everyone, and are finding ways to achieve it.”

– Ashley, Montessori Lead

*Senada is not pictured. She is a housekeeper that gets credit for getting this routine off the ground. We are all grateful for her!”

What We’re Doing

We appreciate having wonderful residents like you share these great activities. We are equally honored to have excellent staff, community members, performers, and more who help us make these activities happen. Thank you, everyone, and enjoy your June!

Resident Engagement Highlights:

  • Lemonade in the Courtyards
  • Creating Art for the Valley Junction Art Show
  • Fishing Outing
  • Music & Memory
  • State Historical Museum Outing
  • Bird Watching in the Courtyards
  • Sing-Along with Bill Connett
  • Picnic at Brookview Park
  • Sunday Service & Sing-Along
  • 2022 Annual Art Show @ Valley Junction

Notice On The Calendar:

The Montessori Focus is to help staff and residents work on activities of daily living together. Residents thrive when able to assist in caring for themselves and others.

What We’ve Been Up To!