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The Arbor Advisor | February 2022

Share The Love!! Unfortunately, Covid-19 put a damper on our new year, with our first case in residents identified on January 3rd. During the outbreak, our focus necessarily shifted to enhancing our infection control protocols and mitigating and preventing spread within the building. In spite of our outbreak, and the bitterly [...]

The Arbor Advisor | February 20222022-02-01T16:57:29+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | January 2022

Ring In The New Year! Happy holidays and a happy New Year! Another year has come to a close, and as we reflect on what that means and look forward to what the next will bring, let’s remember how lucky we are to be together! Also, remember to keep warm through [...]

The Arbor Advisor | January 20222022-01-04T19:05:01+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | December 2021

Always Thankful! What a wonderful Turkey Day we all had together (and apart)! Wherever you were, we hope your Thanksgiving was full of joy, connection, and, most importantly, food! Here at Arbor Springs, we took stock of what we are truly thankful for and all the beautiful things in our lives. [...]

The Arbor Advisor | December 20212021-12-01T17:05:19+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | November 2021

Happy Turkey Day!! We’re excited for Thanksgiving and November, but we still had a spooky good time this October. We made some Jack-O-Lanterns and other crafts for the Fall season, as well as had a fantastic Autumn photoshoot. As we move into November, do remember Daylight Savings Time is this month, [...]

The Arbor Advisor | November 20212021-11-02T01:06:57+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | October 2021

Together We Get It Done! We are fully into fall here at Arbor Springs, and ready for all the fun ahead in October! So as we enter the spookiest month of the year, we are already finding great ways to engage with our community and stay connected with each other! We [...]

The Arbor Advisor | October 20212021-10-01T21:46:59+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | September 2021

Saying Goodbye To Summer! August brought us the last full month of summer and a whole lot of fun! We love that we got to do so much with our friends here at Arbor Springs and that so many of our wonderful community members were able to join in. We had [...]

The Arbor Advisor | September 20212021-09-01T19:51:06+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | August 2021

Good Summer Days!! July, let us get out to take in some sun and the outdoors. We took a wonderful walk to Pappajohn Sculpture Park, taking in the beauty of Des Moines. Our community members got to enjoy some good ole fashion fishin’ as well! It was a fantastic time, and [...]

The Arbor Advisor | August 20212021-08-03T16:07:58+00:00

An Inside Look At Montessori – Get Up and Sing, Dance, or Whatever…with Montessori

Music and movement can have a profound impact on those suffering from memory loss. The benefits of these things are wide reaching and can be helpful in all stages of aging. Music can be especially beneficial in the early stages of Alzheimer's and dementia. Since this type of activity can be so beneficial, I'd like [...]

An Inside Look At Montessori – Get Up and Sing, Dance, or Whatever…with Montessori2021-07-29T21:17:30+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | July 2021

Happy Fourth! It’s officially summer! And wow, are we ready for it! So while we’ve got some fun things ahead of us in the month to come, we had a pretty great June all things considered. We celebrated all our wonderful dads with none other than some tasty donuts for a [...]

The Arbor Advisor | July 20212021-07-07T23:21:00+00:00

The Arbor Advisor | June 2021

Commemorating Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month! What a wonderful May! We had an especially great time celebrating Mother’s Day with all of our lovely decorations and all of our lovely ladies! But that wasn’t all we did. There was a lot of cooking and coming together for good food and good [...]

The Arbor Advisor | June 20212021-06-02T00:27:45+00:00
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