Looking for the big picture?

Having Alzheimer’s can be like a puzzle with no picture on the box and not all the pieces to complete it. In my work with Alzheimer’s and dementia, I have often heard this description. While this is helpful to understand the experience of having Alzheimer’s and dementia, it is also an accurate way to think about the caregiver.

Often people who care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and dementia feel like they don’t have all the pieces and definitely don’t understand how the final picture is supposed to look. Don’t worry this is very normal. Even if you feel you have most of the pieces, there is nothing wrong with having a few extra or asking for a helping hand to put it all together.

We are here to help!

That’s why we’ve started this writing series, which will feature helpful articles and advice twice a month. We know your time is precious, and these issues can cause a great deal of stress. Because of this, we have taken the time to reflect on our experience and bring you only the most beneficial pieces of information. Through these articles, I hope to make this information easy to digest and simple to use. My name is Nick Olmstead, and it’s nice to meet you.

I am the Marketing Director here at Arbor Springs, Iowa’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that is dedicated entirely to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. It is my responsibility to ensure that you have all the pieces you need to make the right choice for your loved one. I hope that by sharing my knowledge and the expertise of our staff and caregivers, we can provide valuable insights and connect in a meaningful way. No matter what stage you are at, there is always something we can learn from each other.

The more we share what we know, the more we can work together and stay engaged with the people who need it most. While this time can be hard, it is an opportunity to arm yourself with the knowledge to get the best care for your loved one. They were there for you, and now it’s your time to be there for them.

What to expect…

Through this writing series, you will find guides, tips, resources, news, and more about the essential elements of caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. These include ways of identifying symptoms, activities to help manage side effects, and what to look for when seeking help with dementia care. Most importantly, we will show you how you can stay involved. Even if you don’t have a loved one at Arbor Springs, it is essential to stay engaged with anyone who has Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What’s next?

Along with this writing series, we have a lot coming up. We are most excited about bringing Montessori-Based Dementia Programming® to our community. Montessori is a method of education based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative interaction. In Montessori for adults with dementia, residents make creative choices in their learning, while the community and highly trained leaders offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process. Working in groups and individually, community members discover and explore knowledge of the world to develop their maximum potential.

At the end of the day, we want to give you the tools to empower yourself and to transform this difficult time into an opportunity for growth and connection. Together, we can help make life a little better for those most valuable to us. Nice to meet you, I hope we see you soon.

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