Everyday Activities to Strengthen Memory

More Than a Game While we focused on games in our last post, I wanted to talk more about the everyday activities that can also benefit your brain and strengthen memory. Some are easy, while others are more involved, but all offer excellent opportunities to stay mentally fit.  It is essential to remember that [...]

Everyday Activities to Strengthen Memory2020-06-08T20:32:04+00:00

Fun Ways to Strengthen Your Loved One’s Memory (And Yours!)

We’re Game! Does your loved one’s memory concern you? Are you looking for ways to spend time together and keep your minds active? Whatever the reason is, it is perfectly normal to look for new ways to keep the minds of those we care about as sharp as possible. Many studies point to a likely [...]

Fun Ways to Strengthen Your Loved One’s Memory (And Yours!)2020-06-08T20:32:49+00:00
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